We understand that the condition of an item is a very important factor when you are considering purchasing an item. We therefore try to be as objective as possible when determining the condition of an item. We grade the condition of an item from 1 to 5. The grades represent the following descriptions:

1: The item is in pristine condition: the item is new and unworn with all accessories. In some cases, it still has the original purchase tags and/or protective stickers on it.

2: The item is in very good condition: the item is barely worn and it is hard to believe that somebody used it before. It is showing minimum signs of wear.

3: The item is in good condition: the item is pre-owned and pre-loved. It has more than one imperfection.

4: The item is in good condition: the item has admittedly been used but is well maintained. It aged visibly but gracefully.

5: The item is in fair condition: the item has traces of a former life and shows defects. It aged visibly.