Your trust in THE MENUE as a reliable party for your pre-owned luxury is our top priority. Only a spotless track record of offering authentic items will establish that trust. THE MENUE therefore strives for the highest level of certainty of authenticity in the pre-owned luxury market. Our own expertise and extensive research will always serve as the base for authentication, but whenever required, it is broadened with third-party expertise.

All items offered by THE MENUE have gone through a comprehensive, internal authentication process, to ensure that they meet our very strict standards. This is a necessity for all items that enter our assortment, to ensure that every item you purchase from THE MENUE is authentic. We will never offer an item that makes us question its authenticity.

If you have purchased an item from THE MENUE and are unsure about its authenticity, please do not hesitate contacting us by sending an email to or by messaging us via WhatsApp on +31 6 8113 9134.