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  • "I have received it! She is so beautiful! Totally in love! Thank you so much for your service and I will definitely be buying another bag from you!"

    S.Z. | 2024

  • "Hi Marceline, I unpackaged it yesterday and it is beautiful, so so great! Thank you so much, and don't forget me whenever you receive new Hermès! Thanks again."

    H.S. | 2024

  • "WOW! Thank you so much! Just wanted to say that the packaging is really giving of the vibes as if you're shopping in an actual store! Perfume smells really superb as well! Thank you Marceline!"

    R.S. | 2024

  • "I have my eye on another bag haha. Will definitely order again! Really superb service"

    K.M. | 2024

  • "Hi babe. I have just received that Loewe bag. I am really happy with it, it is even more beautiful in hand!"

    S.I. | 2024

  • "I have received the bag. So so happy with it, thank you!"

    B.L. | 2024

  • "You are so lovely, my sisters, mother and I are fans! We will definitely keep an eye on your items"

    S.Z. | 2024

  • "Hi dear Marceline, Thank you so much! I am on love with the bag. Thank you for the good service!!"

    E.Z. | 2024

  • "Waaaahhh what beautiful items!!! Very happy that I 'discovered' you!"

    A.G. | 2024

  • "I received it yesterday and I really love it! Thank you so much!"

    T.I. | 2024

  • "All good, thank you. It won't be the last time purcahsing a bag at THE MENUE"

    A.V. | 2024

  • "Just got in! Veeery happy with it, thank you, also for the beautiful and careful packaging"

    H.D. | 2024

  • "Everything was perfect! Communication, fast shipping, careful packaging. Thank you very much!"

    K.V. | 2024

  • "I was looking for a special vintage collector's item for my wife. With Marceline's help I found exactly what suits my wife's needs. It's so nice when you as a customer receive help with this purchase, especially if you don't know much about it yourself. Marceline knows to ask the right questions to fulfill my wife's wish. My compliments and I highly recommended, whether you are buying for yourself or for your partner/lover!"

    A.B. | 2024

  • "Thank you once again, this will be a nice birthday present! Cannot wait!"

    F.G. | 2024

  • "Thank you for the beautiful bag and service! I am very happy with it."

    J.K. | 2024

  • "The bag arrived yesterday! Thank you so much, it's an amazing beauty"

    I.G. | 2023

  • "Hi Marceline, thank you for the lovely packaging! I really love the bag! It's still so gorgeous despite its age. Super loving it!"

    I.S. | 2023

  • "Hey girl! I just wanted to thank you for the super nice bag! I get a lot of compliments about it and I'm completely happy with it. You also do a great job packing the bag!"

    A.S. | 2023

  • "Really fantastic service! Bought a super beautiful vintage Louis Vuitton bag and it was actually in better condition than expected! Very happy with everything! Would definitely recommend it"

    A.R. | 2023

  • "He really is so unique! And in perfect condition!! Thank you very much for the fast delivery too!"

    E.S. | 2023

  • "Hi Marceline, just wanted to say that the bag is still very beautiful and it was packed very carefully. Unpacking was also a joy. Thank you!"

    S.L. | 2023

  • "Recently bought a bag from them. Service is really 10/10. She came to Rotterdam so that I could view the bag and we also had a nice chat and a drink. The appointment was without obligation, but the photos speak for themselves and the bag looked exactly like it. I recommend them :)"

    M.K. | 2023

  • "Neatly packaged and shipped quickly!"

    N.H. | 2023

  • "Thank you so much for getting me the Gucci Horsebit Mini! My daily driver since, especially on holiday"

    R.S. | 2023

  • "The bag is amazing! Very carefully packed with a sweet note. Thank you"

    M.A. | 2023

  • "The keepall is beautiful! My mom is completely happy. Thank you"

    M.B. | 2023

  • "Dear Marceline, I received the bag today and it is perfect!! Also attention to detail when packing the entire box, so pretty. Thank you once again. I will definitely keep an eye on your site for more vintage pieces as I'm searching for a crossbody bag too, just don't know which one yet haha"

    K.V. | 2023

  • "I have received my package. Thank you, beautifully packaged and fast service. I immediately added a matching scarf. So cute, I'm completely in love with it"

    S.B. | 2023

  • "Thanks a lot for selling my designer items :) You really helped me a lot! I just wanted to send you a message, because I really liked that you did everything in consultation and that you literally took care of everything. I tell all my friends"

    J.H. | 2023

  • "Just wanted to say thanks for the quick delivery :) the piece is in pristine condition. I love it so much"

    J.B. | 2023

  • "Beautiful vintage Gucci bag purchased through THE MENUE. Bag was in very nice condition! Very nice and professional service when ordering. And the bag came in a nice dust bag and gift bag. Come back soon for a new order!"

    K.M. | 2023

  • "Hello Marceline, just want to thank you again for the perfect communication and service. This bag is the cutest thing in my collection and is ready to join me on my vacation. I'm sure I will return anytime to your shop! Wish you a beautiful summer"

    F.B. | 2023

  • "Omg super happy with it, the bag is really in perfect condition and super fancy packed. Thank you for your service and maybe see you again soon haha!"

    S.K. | 2023

  • "Thank you so much! You've send it super fast. It's perfect, thank you so much again"

    O.L. | 2023

  • "Everything is absolutely perfect! The bag is beautiful and in excellent condition. Marceline is very friendly and helpful. The bag was also packed very nicely. Thank you!"

    V.C. | 2023

  • "The pouch is literally the best!!! Thank you soooo much. My most loved item in my bag these days"

    Y.G. | 2023

  • "Hi Marceline & team, my cosmetic pouch arrived. It is perfect! Thank you!"

    P.I. | 2023

  • "The bag is really beautiful! Even more beautiful than expected! Thank you"

    F.B. | 2023

  • "I just wanted to thank you for the pleasant communication and good service. It was shipped super fast & packed nicely! Yesterday I was finally allowed to open my Chanel package. What a gift, very happy with it!"

    R.J. | 2023

  • "Not only buying through you is a joy, but also selling! Very happy with this beautiful platform!"

    A.B. | 2023

  • "Perfect earrings and wonderful packaging. I Sincerely thank you!"

    A.M. | 2023

  • "I got the bag! Super happy with it! It's even more beautiful in real life! Thanks again for everything!"

    E.S. | 2023

  • "If you are looking for a unique designer item, I would not recommend anything other than The Menue. Marceline's love and passion for the profession are visible throughout the entire process. From communication to product - everything is correct and arranged down to the last detail. I will definitely come back to her!"

    M.H. | 2023

  • "I met Marceline a few years ago because of our shared love for exclusive designer handbags. She sold me a gorgeous bag —that I still love and wear to this day—, which she made sure was in absolute pristine condition and handled with the greatest care. Marceline is an excellent sourcer of beautiful, rare and highly sought after designer pieces. Her love and passion for the business are visible in everything she does. From the professional minimalistic and clean photography to the perfectly currated branded packaging of the bags. It’s safe to say that I cannot recommend THE MENUE enough!!"

    I.O. | 2023

  • "Thank you very much for the bag and the fast delivery! My girlfriend is very happy with it! The bag is really in super good condition, exactly as described and as shown in the photos. Thanks again!"

    B.O. | 2023

  • "Extremely nice service! Beautiful bags and Marceline is a real connoisseur. She can tell you a lot about the models and materials. Recommended for a pre-owned designer bag!"

    A.B. | 2023