THE MENUE was founded in 2022 in the Netherlands. Its business proposition – sourcing and selling authentic designer items – originates from a personal interest in designer brands and their assortments. Having an interest in and owning various designer items has enriched our knowledge about luxury brands, items, materials, design, and so on. And refining our wardrobes over the years has taught us that it is sometimes for the better to say goodbye to those beautiful items you once loved more. That creates space in many ways, but moreover creates a chance for them at newfound love and joy for a new owner.

We as THE MENUE make it our mission to facilitate finding new owners for pre-owned luxury, to assure a continuation of their deservingly love. We carefully curate items with timelessness in mind. Pre-owned inherently means that the items have already lived a life, and we therefore only source items that match certain criteria regarding the condition, completeness, and durability. We do this to maintain the level of quality that we as THE MENUE strive for. We trust these items to stand the test of time and would like to prolong their life with new loving owners. We hope they bring them eternal joy in return.